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enfoTech & Consulting, Inc. is a software company that develops environmental computer management systems and provides consulting services. Striving to set standards for the industry, enfoTech makes it possible for companies and agencies to increase productivity, conserve resources, and cut costs by streamlining operations for environmental compliance. enfoTech simplifies the consolidation and generation of environmental data and allows clients to focus on shaping, refining, and enforcing environmental regulations. Our turnkey system solutions have proven to be central to effective and informed environmental decision-making.

Technology Partners

To maintain our position in the information technology forefront, enfoTech is dedicated to investing in its employees, keeping them up to date with the constantly evolving new technologies. Some of our expertise includes: .Net and J2EE related Web applications, Web services, object-based Graphic User Interfaces such as like C#, Java, ASP.NET, VB.NET, etc., and middle-tier components such as COM+, MTS, Microsoft .NET Assembly, etc., XML schema/system development in Windows and Unix environments, and relational database (ORACLE, SQL Server, etc.) implementations. Through the integration of this technical proficiency, we develop products that will meet customer demands.

In addition to developing environmental software solutions for the industry, enfoTech also performs environmental consulting work, distinguishing us from other software vendors and environmental consulting firms. Expert knowledge in environmental regulations and involvement with the EPA/state's ongoing regulatory development is another unique qualification that sets enfoTech apart from other software vendors and environmental consulting firms. Our team of engineers keeps abreast of the Federal Register's environmental notices and is attuned to changing state regulations; such in-house expertise is essential to the successful development, implementation, and support of complex environmental data management systems.

enfoTech's development strategy is to lead-by-example for environmental information management by standardizing environmental regulatory compliance and developing a well-defined core environmental data model that is gradually expressed with flexible and extensible XML schema.

With this strategy in mind, we diligently produce applications built towards the ultimate goal of cross-functional solutions. enfoTech envisions becoming a crucial contributor in the automation of environmental compliance information management systems. To achieve this goal, enfoTech works closely with our customers to develop environmental management solutions that will revolutionize the workplace.

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