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The Electronic Environmental Reporting System (E2) is a secured XML/Internet based system for regulatory agencies to conduct e-business over the Internet. It is designed to address all environmental programs and to support a wide range of e-business such as reporting of monitoring data (wastewater, drinking water, air, hazardous waste material, etc.), permit application, application fee payment, hazardous material disposal certification, etc. Currently, the DMR and DWR modules are available. The E2 System is designed to significantly improve data quality and save resources, which would normally be required in a paper-based reporting environment.

The E2 system is an intelligent data exchange server that:

  • Stores real-time updates of reporting requirements provided from the regulatory authority
  • Receives reports submitted by the regulated facilities
  • Evaluates reports for meeting reporting requirements
  • Uploads reports to the authority's central database for compliance assessment. System access privileges are administrated through the use of a PIN, username, and password. All report submissions are verified via PIN authentication with secured socket layer security software to ensure that the content of the data is original, truthful, legitimate, and un-altered. A complete chain-of-custody of all records is maintained in the E2 server.

The regulated facilities can access the E2 server via the Internet to:

  • Obtain the reporting requirements
  • Submit reports
  • Review report processing status
  • Print previously submitted reports. The only software requirement for the regulated facilities is an Internet Browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.

The E2 System is designed to significantly improve data quality and save resources, which would normally be required in a paper-based reporting environment. Moreover, the E2 System is suitable for federal government, state agencies, and local municipalities to streamline the efforts of collecting environmental monitoring data from facilities. The technology used for the E2 System has a broad application to environmental programs such as wastewater discharge permitting and reporting under the NPDES, drinking water monitoring under the SDWA, air permitting and reporting under Title V, groundwater management, and storm water management programs.

Key Features
Allows security setting per functional role, which can be grouped together and associated with users.
Allows data to be imported from the data management file of choice, improving accuracy of compliance data by eliminating unnecessary user errors.
Incorporates legal and security encryption measures to ensure the integrity of the information.
Chain of Custody tracking for each DMR submission.
Facility management allows facility personnel to easily obtain up-to-date reporting requirements and processing status on their facilities.
Secure electronic file cabinets allow facility personnel to access all submitted electronic discharge monitoring reports.

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