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Field Assistant Service Tracking (FAST) is a software product designed to assist field personnel to easily collect data while performing field activities. It can be used with Tablet PCs, Pocket PCs or traditional laptops to help inspectors and sampling crews complete inspection reports, take field readings, and even issue citations or other enforcement activities. Data captured in the Field Assistant can be automatically uploaded to the main database. The Field Application itself is a client application that requires a server for synchronizing information to and from the main system. The Field Assistant is designed to improve productivity, save resources and money, and improve data quality.

Field Assistant Service Tracking (FAST) is a tool used by inspectors and field technicians for efficient data collection and management of daily work. Use of the application eliminates duplicate data entry and minimizes needless printing of data on paper.

The only requirement for using FAST is a computer (Tablet PC, Pocket PC or laptop) with an Internet connection. The application can be downloaded via the web using a 1-click installation process. Once the user has downloaded the FAST software, data stored on the local machine will be automatically synched with the central database (assuming the user is connected to the Internet).

Integration with E2 for Remote Data Collection
The Field Assistant can integrate with the E2 (Electronic Environmental Reporting System) to provide remote data collection capabilities. This can further decrease the data entry effort allowing a user to enter data in the field directly into a table PC running the FAST software. Once the user has access to an internet connection, this data can be immediately submitted to the central database via the E2 data collection server.

Conflict Resolution
Because data can be updated by multiple users at any time, a method for resolving potential data conflicts is needed. There could be a potential situation in which a user is updating data that has already been updated by another user since the last data synchronization. The system has a method for alerting the user to a possible data conflict. When the user attempts to synchronize with the central database, the application will compare all data that has been changed in the local database and the central database since the last update. If the last update date/time for a data point is greater than the date/time of the last update performed, then the application will alert the user and provide a data reconciliation screen. The user can then specify which data is correct by selecting an option from a drop-down list.

Permit, Sampling and Inspection Capabilities
FAST can be configured to handle any variety of field entry forms. Three major types of forms are:

  • Sampling: Sampling data can be easily entered in teh field and uploaded once the user has access to an Internet connection.
  • Inspection: Inspections can be conducted and all findings entered into the Field Assistant. Compliance can be immediately assessed and the apropriate enforcement actions can be taken.
  • Permit: The Field Assistant accomodates the business process of collecting required permit information for the issuance of a temporary permit in the field. If the PC is connected to a portable printer, the temporary permit can be provided immediately to the facility.
  • Key Features
      Data Entry
    Perform sample collection
    Determine compliance and issue enforcement
    Collection of survey information
    Investigate complaints
    Save data to finish reports at a later time
      Data Synchronization
    Easily integrate field data with central database
    Ability to connect to the central database wherever an internet connection is available (including a wireless connection)
    Intelligent download for a personalized download of data specific to a particular user
    Alerts user to potential data conflicts as a result of multiple users on the system
    User can download to-do lists, and view facility, permit, inspection and sample data
      System Integration
    Incorporate any type of data entry form for a customized solution
    Seamless integration with GIS software
    One-click deployment for easy distribution
    Integration with an E2 data collection server providing the regulated community with a data collection module that can be linked to the agency's main database.
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