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e-Permit System is a secure XML and Internet-based system that provides a simplified online permit application process that is faster, easier to use, and more secure. It greatly streamlines the permitting process for both the issuing agency (State and municipal) and the regulated public.

The e-Permit system:

  • Acts as a one-stop source for individuals or businesses seeking licenses or permits.
  • Allows users to easily and quickly determine permit and licensing requirements and build customized permit assistance kits.
  • Enables monitoring of permit and licensing status by applicants from beginning to the end of the application process.

Decision Tree:
A key concern when implementing an online permitting system is to ensure that prospective permit applicants can determine and find which permits they are required to submit. A state will typically have users from a broad range of experience and familiarity with different kinds of permits. The e-Permit system includes a decision tree which guides the users from all levels of experience to find their required permits. Decision Tree allows users to browse by Category, Keyword Search, as well as Permit Name.

Account Management:
The e-Permit System is highly flexible for account creation. It accounts for the following scenarios:

  • Self Registration
  • Special Options for Consultants
    (1) Consultant finishes application and sends to owner for final submission
    (2) Consultant uploads signed authorization letter from facility owner
    (3) Owner creates an account and delegates submission rights to the consultant

Work Collaboration:
The true value of an online permit system is its ability to shorten the time between permit application and its issuance. States typically find that the single largest contributor to delayed permit issuance is the time lost to inefficiencies in coordination of permit application among applicant and various state staff. Some complex permits require administrative review and sign off by multiple departments. The e-Permit system greatly enhances state's ability to collaborate among applicants and staff thereby reducing the overall permit application process. Each permit flow in e-Permit is configured so that applicants and staff are notified via Email as soon as their review is required. In addition, permit flows can be configured to allow management to be notified if a required administrative review step has lapsed.

Integration with Program Database:
A state-wide or department-wide online permit system must be flexible to integrate with a wide variety of program area databases. This system should also take advantage of the latest data integration technologies such as XML, Web services, Enterprise Information Integration (EII), etc. The e-permit system accomplishes all of these by supporting the following data integration scenarios:

  • Program already has permit application processing system
  • Program has data management system, but no permit application management system
  • Program relies exclusively on e-Permit for permit application management

Management Reporting:
e-Permit System assists management and executives to query e-Permitting statistics in order to monitor and gauge the effectiveness of the e-Permit process.

  • Track key milestones for the entire permitting process
  • View submissions totals and statistics by permit flow
  • View accounting summaries based on e-Pay statistics

Built on Data Standards:
The data model on which the e-Permit system is built was developed using the Core Reference Model (CRM) and XML schema design guidelines. This has resulted in a system that can be easily integrated with State databases and National exchange network. Use of the CRM, which identifies common reusable XML schema components, ensures that applicants only need to fill in the same information (such as contact or facility info) once. The e-Permit system can also be integrated with the State's Enterprise Information System if available.

Permit Application Fee Management:
The e-Permit system provides all of the fee payment capabilities required of an online permit application system. This includes:

  • Electronic Payment (credit card, e-checking)
  • Check/Money Order payment
  • Ability to pay additional fees after the application is submitted
  • Payment refunds
  • Payment dispute handling
  • Interfacing with State's Account Receivable System

The e-Permit system has been certified to integrate with the GovConnect credit card payment system commonly used by government agencies.

Key Features
Decision Tree
Intelligent to advise the user of permits/licenses for activities of interest
Knowledge based search engine to advise the user of permits/licenses that will be required for the activity of interest
Configurable "Is This Needed?" feature to assist the user in determining whether the permit is applicable
User Friendliness
Manage your own 'Favorites' list of permits/licenses
Manage multiple permit application projects concurrently and save/edit applications for later use
Automatic email notifications of every stage of permit application approval status
Print final permit on-line
Manage historical permit applications
Streamlined process to revise/renew permits and licenses
Save time and money for business by accelerating the permit/license process
Work Collaboration
Secure and flexible "Consultant/Owner" feature to allow business owners to delegate consultants to prepare permit applications. Certification could be performed by the owners or be delegated to consultant as well based on the permit flow requirements
Consultant finishes application and sends to owner for final submission
Consultant uploads signed authorization letter from facility owner
Owner creates an account and delegates submission rights to the consultant
Business process and system infrastructure to promote work collaboration among regulatory agencies to shorten permit review process
Track every step of permitting/licensing process to help identify potential areas for business process improvement
Integration with Program Database
Full integration with state database system to automatically push permit application data and issue notifications
Real-time system synchronization to provide approval status update based on the decisions recorded on the state database
Automatic notification to the applicant when a final decision is made by the agency staff
Final permit documents recorded on the state database are available for on-line viewing/printing
Permit Application Fee Management
Comprehensive payment processes to support various payment options such as credit card, money order, and checks
Integration with main finance system for payment data
Extensibility and Enterprise-wide Information Integration
Comprehensive application framework (Object Library) to allow the state to add new permit/license flows
XML and web-services based system architecture for open standard protocols
Compliance with the national data standards and Core Reference Model for easy data sharing
Support web-services and ETL data integrations

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