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Electronic Permitting System: State Agency

Developed using secure XML and Internet-based system for simplifying online permit application process and making it faster and easier to use. Acts as a one-stop shop for all individuals or businesses seeking licenses or permits.More..

Electronic Permitting System: Municipality

The electronic permitting system for Municipality allows the municipality's citizens, businesses, and contractors to apply for the desired permits and submit payments on line.More..

E2 Compliance Reporting System

Using the latest technology, designed for government agencies to implement a paperless environmental compliance reporting system via the Internet that meet regulatory requirements of signature, data authenticity, chain of custody, and system security. More..

Exchange Network
Exchange Network Capability

The Exchange Network is a secure, Internet-based approach to exchanging environmental and health data among partners (e.g. states, EPA, etc). More..

Designed for Exchange Network partners such as State and Tribal environmental/health agencies to exchange environmental information using Web services in a secure manner.More..

Internet-based Monitoring, Analysis, Inspection, and Compliance System

Designed for wastewater discharge facilities to manage water sampling schedules, analytical results, compliance evaluations, and discharge monitoring report (DMR) generation. iMAIC also supports electronic DMR submissions. More..
POTW Administration & Compliance System

Designed for wastewater treatment plants to effectively manage a comprehensive Industrial waste control (pretreatment) program with significant savings on resources and costs. More..

eAirPro System
Air Quality Management System

As a web-based application, eAirPro provides the necessary functions to help State Agencies manage its Title V, Renewable Operating Permit Program under the Clean Air Act. More..

eAquaPro System
Water Quality Management System

Web-based application developed to help State Agencies manage its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. More..

eWastePro System
Waste Tracking and Management System

A central data repository for the state environmental department. The eWastePro System will provide data tracking functions for RCRA regulated facilities, RCRA's Waste Disposal Plans, and Much More.More..

Field Assistant Service Tracking

Designed to assist field personnel to improve data access and data collection processes and become more efficient in performing field work .More..

Clean Air Information Management System

Designed for pharmaceutical, batch operation, and chemical processing industries to model air emissions, track permits, and demonstrate compliance. An essential system for Title V and MACT compliance. More..

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