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The eAquaPro Inventory System is a web-based application developed to help State Agencies manage its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. From the issuance of NPDES permits to the monitoring of NPDES permit compliance activities, eAquaPro helps State Agencies manage their resources and efficiently administer their NPDES program.

eAquaPro - Inventory is a comprehensive application that

  • Stores the permit application information submitted by the facility
  • Allows management to track the progress of NPDES activities with assigned tasks
  • Helps the permit writer evaluate the facility with instant access to all past and current permits
  • Improves permitting data integrity with built-in logic that checks for:
    1. Permitting dates
    2. Minimum required information for permit issuance
    3. Correct relationship between city, state and zip code
    4. Duplicate or inappropriate permitting actions
  • Provides a centralized document management solution where all documents are in the database
  • Provides inspection planning and scheduling functions
  • Provides compliance schedule tracking for permit and enforcement
  • Performs compliance evaluation of DMR data
  • Provides enforcement tracking and issuance of enforcement documents
  • Provides a secure working environment, allowing the system administrator to control security settings down to each clickable button on every screen

Quality Improvement
The eAquaPro is designed to significantly improve data quality and save resources that would be normally used with the traditional paper and file cabinet data management method. The eAquaPro is suitable for all state agencies running an NPDES program. It will help State Agencies streamline the collection of Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) submitted by the facilities.

eAquaPro - Inventory - Modules
Dashboard (Home)
Web Parts
Highlights recent records from each module for quick access
Configurable for each user or user role
Task Management Module
Create recurring tasks to run periodically on a set schedule
Keep track of task completion statuses, and modification history
Facility and Permit Module
Create and Manage Site and Laboratory Information
Create and Manage Permit and Permit Limit Information
DMR Module
DMR Data Entry
Compliance Check against Permit Limit
Report generation for EPA submission purposes
Reporting and Graphing Module
Administrative Tools

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