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Overview - iMAIC can save you time, effort and money by helping to centralize and organize all of your NPDES permit information. The system is hosted on enfoTech's reliable servers, relieving you of the need to invest in expensive software products and data management infrastructure. Through a secure internet connection, you can save and store all of your NPDES permit requirements, sample results, and historic reports in one convenient location. After a quick initial setup, you can generate your DMRs in minutes!

Seamless integration with your agency's E2 Reporting program allows you to instantly import your facility information, permit limits, and reporting requirements. Or, you can manually input this information through an intuitive user interface. Once entered, the information is saved and can be used for the entire life of your permit.

Secure and Reliable
enfoTech uses state-of-the-art system technology to ensure that your data is protected and remains private. Only users that you authorize can view your permit information. We run multiple servers and create back-up files to prevent your information from being lost. All of your information is accessible at any time through a secured internet connection.

Who Can Benefit from iMAIC

  • Wastewater facilities regulated under the NPDES program
  • Wastewater facilities regulated under the industrial pretreatment program
  • Environmental consultants who prepare DMRs/SMRs for wastewater facilities
  • Regulatory Authorities
Standard Features
Facility Management, including contact management and sampling locations
Permit Management, including permit limits and reporting requirements
Official parameter list of names and codes tailored to your reporting agency
Electronic or Manual Lab Analysis imports and templates
Setup and MOnitoring Data Collection
Data Calculation
Compliance checking
Report Template Management
Printable DMRs for paper submission and electronic documents for online e-Filing
Secured server ensures data protection, reliability, and security
E-Mail based support
Online Help, FAQ and iMAIC System Tutorial


Permit Management
iMAIC provides the following system functions to let members easily manage their facility's data:

  • Setup facility, sample location, and laboratory information
  • Maintain permit limits and reporting requirements
  • Import and validate lab analysis data
  • Manage monitoring results

Data Calcuclation
iMAIC provides a powerful utility that automatically performs calcualtions on sample data to generate required discharge monitoring reports (DMR or SMR). Calculation methods include 30-Day Average, Daily Average, 7-Day Average, Daily Maximum, Daily Minimum, Monthly Maximum, and Monthly Minimum, etc.

Compliance Checking
iMAIC highlights potential compliance concerns, allows flexibility to correct errors, and provides comment fields to identify and explain deviations.

Report Generation
Reports can be submitted by mail or online:

  • Mailing: prints paper DMRs for submission by mail
  • E-Filing: generates electronic DMR file for submission to the agency's online reporting system, such as E2

iMAIC services are charged by monthly subscription fee. For details on the iMAIC subscription, please email or call us at:
Phone: 609-896-9777 ext. 135

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