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System Integration

Service Event

With the use of Webex, enfoTech periodically schedules training, orientation, and demonstration events geared towards our customer education and service. Upon sufficient demand, enfoTech provides web conferencing for our current customers as a periodic update and communication tool.

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Consulting Services

enfoTech's consulting services range from generating annual emission reports for customers using our software program to assist our customers with integrating their working system with enfoTech applications. This includes customizations of our current application to meet specific needs of our client as well as migrating data from our customer's old database. Ambitious customers may take on the challenge of creating and generating their own reports for our applications, and in the process, enfoTech staff will assist them in their learning process.

Product Consulting
Consulting services for enfoTech products are aimed at seamlessly streamlining our customers' working requirements and business operations. With integrating new technologies to a certain working environment comes the responsibility of customizations and modifications to our existing system application as well as daily workflow adjustment by our customers. Whichever option our customers choose, enfoTech's personnel are available for consulting services at any point in the project timeline.

enfoTech's consulting service begins with creating a project plan and timeline for product customizations, modifications, and systems integration with our customer's working environment. enfoTech's goal is to develop a working partner relationship with our customers since collaboration in customizations and systems development is crucial for successfully upgrading a product. Throughout the installation and testing process and before finally going into production with our product, customers receive full consulting services and support from our engineers and system analysts.

Environmental Consulting
Besides providing consulting services for our products, enfoTech's staff of engineers, familiar with the operations of water utilities and chemical facilities, are environmental regulatory consultants, and can help our clients with their varied regulatory needs. This involves data collection from our customer databases, preliminary report generation, final report generation for customer review, and amendments to the final report after multiple revisions. Environmental regulations are constantly evolving, and can be difficult to stay on top of. enfoTech's job is to ease our customer's work by assuming the tedium of generating emission reports for our customers to submit.

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