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System Integration

Service Event

With the use of Webex, enfoTech periodically schedules training, orientation, and demonstration events geared towards our customer education and service. Upon sufficient demand, enfoTech provides web conferencing for our current customers as a periodic update and communication tool.

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Software Customization

enfoTech is driven by the goal of customer satisfaction. If our services and products do not sufficiently meet customer needs, we are prepared to make the necessary modifications. Software customization will span the entire project life cycle if need be and is driven by customer request. Customizations may involve changing existing functions and maintenance processes as well as creating an entirely new module for the application.

During the development process of software customizations, enfoTech engineers and system analysts work closely with our customers to iron out the business logic behind the changes that need to be made or new application modules that needs to be added to the system. Much consulting work is done during the software customization process, and is a large part of enfoTech business operations. We believe this collaborative effort assures our product to be very effective.

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