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System Integration

Service Event

With the use of Webex, enfoTech periodically schedules training, orientation, and demonstration events geared towards our customer education and service. Upon sufficient demand, enfoTech provides web conferencing for our current customers as a periodic update and communication tool.

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System Integration

enfoTech's technical experts are responsible for ensuring that our applications will run smoothly once installed at the customer site. The first process of system integration service begins when the system analyst assembles information about our customers' system environment. Moreover, to determine the requirement of work to be performed once installation begins on site, the system analyst must acquire information as to what hardware and software will be provided by our customers.

The next step in the system integration service involves creating a testing environment at enfoTech that mimics the system environment at our customer site. Simulation of our client system operation for thorough testing is critical to this process. Our system analyst will perform complete testing that will ensure that problems will not be encountered when the application gets to the client site.

Once at the customer site, our system analysts will check for firewall and other security settings that are configured in the network. Particular user settings may prevent some clients onsite from using the newly-installed system. Once the security settings have been configured correctly, the system analyst will install the software.

Before leaving the customer site, enfoTech recommends that our customers set up a maintenance or support infrastructure that will allow enfoTech to monitor daily operations for troubleshooting. We recommend a high-speed connection via terminal services such that our system analysts may dial in to check out problems that may be encountered at the client site that are not simulated here at enfoTech. This allows for greater ease in maintenance, and helps to keep enfoTech and our customers connected throughout the project duration and beyond.

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