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With the use of Webex, enfoTech periodically schedules training, orientation, and demonstration events geared towards our customer education and service. Upon sufficient demand, enfoTech provides web conferencing for our current customers as a periodic update and communication tool.

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Today's business practices requires efficient and dynamic information management and exchange which uses sophisticated software. With our applications constantly being modified to grow alongside the fast-paced evolution of technology, there are high demands for our customers to expand their knowledge together with enfoTech.

enfoTech's training services help our customers develop expertise in using our software. Compliance and engineering calculation software is complicated in itself, and with continuous development of our products, training becomes an essential part of enfoTech's business operations.

Whether your staff has just started using our products or they need to refresh their original learning experience, enfoTech's skilled professionals are available for your assistance. Depending on customer needs, enfoTech has the flexibility to provide the required training.

Onsite Training
For customers seeking intensive training to bring their staff up to speed with enfoTech products, onsite training is recommended. enfoTech will provide engineers and/or system analysts at your site to train your staff with prepared material as well as with our application integrated in your system. Customized training is available to meet specific goals required by our customer if a standard training provided by enfoTech is deemed unnecessary. In this case, enfoTech's resources provided for customized training will depend on the areas covered by the customized training.

Web Training
For customers that do not require training on site, web training may be a good choice. Web training is a simple training session through web conferencing. enfoTech will schedule the web training according to the customer requirements, and by the use of a phone line and web demonstration, train our customers. If all staff requiring training can assemble into one conference room, this will be the most cost-effective solution. However, conducting web training to staff located at different sites is also an option.

Training Manual
With each product purchase, enfoTech provides training manuals for our customers to reference. Also, our frequently updated online user's guide is available from any screen of our application.

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